Above Average: The Best of Escape from Averageness, 2009-2012

We began publishing Escape from Averageness on the SAI Consulting website four years ago this month, in January 2009, at a point already two and a-half years into the recession ushered in at the end of the Age of Homebuilder Entitlement.  This is the one-hundredth post.  Taken as a whole, they reflect SAI’s analysis and understanding of the circumstances as they evolved.  They also reflect our views on what we think is important, mostly from our vantage point on what we describe as the velocity side of Return on Assets.

I thought it might be useful, over the first quarter of 2012, to resurrect a few of those posts, selected by virtue of (1) their continuing relevance, as issues, to the circumstances the industry faces, or (2) their vital and contemporaneous importance as business and production principles that guide the management decision-making of a homebuilding enterprise.

Or, a third possibility, that they were just so exquisitely well-written, clever, or provocative.

You will have to decide.

Leading-off, just in time for the educational sessions at IBS, a five-part series on the problems caused by structure of the NAHB Chart of Accounts Income Statement.

Next:  Part I:  The NAHB Chart of Accounts Income Statement:  Comparative, Compliant . . . and Utterly Useless.