BuilderVelocity™: Thriving on the Velocity Side of ROA at the 2017 MiTek Builder Technology Summit

If you are attending the 2017 MiTek Builder Technology Summit, September 19-22, 2017, at the Naples Beach and Golf Hotel in Naples, Florida, and you want to learn more about Pipeline workshops™, come to the BuilderVelocity™: Thriving on the Velocity Side of Return on Assets® session in Session Group II on Thursday morning, 10:15 – 11:45 AM.

We plan to cover every aspect of what has become the most intense, demanding, interactive, and challenging homebuilding production management learning experience on the planet – the visual image of homebuilding production, connecting operating performance to business outcomes, production physics, the Pipeline game™, the current RB Builders: Lessons from the Pipeline© business case exercises, the Mental Models, the currently-featured Velocity Accelerators®, everything.

It will give you a very good idea of what a Pipeline workshop™ is all about, and whether it is right for you, and your team.

Come.  Participate.  Learn.


The next Pipeline workshop™ is October 18-19, 2017, at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.  Cost is $875.00;  for team pricing, inquire here (

Sponsored by BUILDER and BuilderMT.