Connected Concepts: Cycle Time; Cost of Variation; Cost-Volume-Profit

The Pipeline: A Picture of Homebuilding Production was published in 2013, but it was written in mid-2007;  that this book has managed to survive the past seven years of turbulence and difficulty with its relevance intact is a testament to the immutability of the production principles that it illuminates.

None more than the principles that measure how a system is affected by variation and uncertainty.

Originally published on Escape from Averageness as a five-part series of Pipeline excerpts in mid-2010, the connected concepts regarding cycle time, the variation that lengthens it, the cost of that variation, and the cost-volume-profit thinking that it requires builders to consider have become the whiteboard exercises that resonate the most with builders during the Pipeline workshops.

Republished on EFA as an eight-part series, starting this week with Part I:  Waste, Variation, and Other Productionally-Transmitted Diseases.


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