COVID-19: Learning in the Midst of the Storm

If you are a homebuilder, the COVID-19 pandemic is impairing – or will impair – your ability to access the consulting resources you depend upon to drive improvement efforts.

Your consulting resources cannot easily travel to you;  you cannot readily travel to your consulting resources, or to their events.  Consequently, there is now a lot of talk about holding virtual events (to wit, Lean Enterprise Institute is now planning to conduct its entire annual Lean Summit on a virtual basis).

That approach is possible for a conference that is a presentation or lecture, where information presented is essentially a one-way street.  That approach is not possible for consultants that have to help individual clients extract and process information and thought, especially when it involves cross-functional teams dealing with complex, cause-and-effect issues.

It is also impossible for certain events, like Pipeline workshops™, that are, by nature, interactive, competitive, and team-based.

We are SAI Consulting.  The vast majority of our clients are homebuilding enterprises, and we primarily work with those clients in ways that enable them to thrive on the velocity side of economic return, to thrive on the velocity side of Return on Assets.

In the midst of this challenge, we want to continue to provide knowledge and insight into our areas of expertise, like business process improvement, critical chain portfolio management, production principles and disciplines, team-based performance compensation and open-book management.

The SAI website is content-rich, by design and intent.  Rather than host a vanity site to promote ourselves, we choose to share and provide real, useful information.  It is about approach, method, and thinking;  the SAI Library has downloadable files of every article we have ever published, and many of the presentations we have made.

On the website, you can order the book (The Pipeline: A Picture of Homebuilding Production Second Edition©).  You can check out the Pipeline Workshop™.  You can read the weblog (Escape from Averageness®).  You can join the BuilderVelocity discussion on LinkedIn.

You can see who we have worked for and what they have to say about it.

In the midst of the storm, you can continue to learn.