Deliverables: “What are you good at?”

(initially published on Escape from Averageness® in October 2014 as the first in a six-part series;  republished here as part of our latest retrospective, “Still Average: The Best of Escape from Averageness®, 2009-2021”)

“What do you consult on?”

A natural, if somewhat ungrammatical question, which we frequently hear.  Consultants have lists and descriptions of their areas of expertise, what are termed deliverables;  from the standpoint of informing clients about what their consulting work involves and how that work unfolds, those descriptions can be useful.

But, those descriptions shouldn’t be why consultants are engaged.

As consultants, we would better serve our clients if we defined our services by the results we deliver, not define our results by the services we deliver;  what we ought to be delivering are targeted, measurable, meaningful results defined by the improvements in operating performance and business outcomes a client realizes as a result of having engaged us.

Under our preferred approach to delivering consulting services – under what we call Results-Based Consulting® – our short answer is, “We do what it takes to get results.”

And, not just any results.

We resolve to do whatever is required to gain the insight and understanding into operating and business performance required to create a sustainable, focused capability and capacity for implementing the things that improve that performance;  there is a search for a starting point to continuous improvement formed from current reality – formed from a cause-and-effect understanding of our clients’ core problems and constraints, as well as their opportunities.

We are determined to improve our clients’ means for understanding and managing workflow and production, so that our clients deliver more value – deliver more benefit, more consistently, with less waste, less cost.

We are committed to building urgency towards results, and to instilling business logic in a savvy, accountable, and motivated homebuilding team that has a financial stake in the outcome;  we foster a willingness and capacity for change, for innovation and learning, and a determination to make our clients less dependent on us for all of it.

Still, the question persists, regardless of the approach;  there is still that interest in “what kind of consulting” we do.

In other words, “What are you good at?”

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