"God with us"

(the intrepid, results-based consultant is the main character in both editions of The Pipeline: A Picture of Homebuilding Production©)

The intrepid, results-based consultant wearily plopped into one of the chairs in the airport club of this week’s carrier. Friday evening, she thought to herself, should make it home before the storm making its way through the mid-Atlantic cancelled her departure.

“Headed home?”, the man in the chair beside her asked.


Last week of work this year. She was headed home for a well-deserved break with her family and friends. She was looking forward to it immensely.

Her mind turned away from work. She thought about the season. She wondered what Bethlehem must have been like, thought about the young mother and father with their new-born son, to everyone else, just another child born into the world, controlled and protected by the Roman Empire.

She considered the grace, love, and mercy of the Creator of the universe, the Author of all that was good. She thought about the words of Paul, buried deep in his first letter written to the small group of believers in Corinth, describing faith, hope, and love, the principles of the grace she pondered.

“Father”, she said softly. “Thank you.

“Thank you for giving me a faith that looks back into history and trusts that the claims this child would one day make about Himself are true, and that every moment of time and event of history either points towards, or proceeds from, that truth.

“Thank you for giving me a hope that looks forward, and understands that one day, notwithstanding that I have eternal life right now, this world that I live in will end, that I will be transformed, that the pains of this world will end, and that I will live constantly and eternally in your presence.

“And, thank you for giving me a love that will sustain me, motivate me, and give me purpose and perspective, for as long as You choose to keep me on your earth.”

The intrepid, results-based consultant thought about the events of that night, long ago. There was a birth. There would later be a death and a resurrection. But, right now, her thoughts were about newness and life.

“And you shall call his name Immanuel”.

“God with us”.


  1. Ping from David Hunihan:

    Well done, my friend. Puts it all in perspective.

  2. Ping from Leslie:

    Made me pause… And realize how much we forget, right when we should remember.

    Thank you for putting the season and Life into perspective.