“Our finely-honed deal-driven mentality.”

(excerpted from The Pipeline)


“The best production models – the best-known, most highly-regarded ones – all come from manufacturing”, said the CEO.  “However, homebuilding is a different kind of management situation.  It has different parameters.

“Plus – production principles and disciplines are not as highly-developed in homebuilding as they are in other industries, due, in part, I suppose, to our finely-honed deal-driven mentality.”

“Meaning what?”, asked the intrepid, results-based consultant.

“I know what he means”, said a superintendent.  “He means land deals that turn into community developments.  It’s really finely-honed lurching.  But, the deal-driven mentality isn’t restricted to so-called deals.  Literally, it’s everything we do.

“RB Builders has only recently gotten true process religion, and the still, small voice of deep systems spirituality has only been whispering to us, for what?  About a month?

“We tend to do everything like it is the first time, like we have never done it before”.


(The Pipeline: A Picture of Homebuilding Production is available on the publisher website (virtualbookworm.com), through the author website (thepipelinebook.com), as well as amazon.com, barnesandnoble.com, and booksamillion.com)