Part V: Friends

This next-to-the-last part of the series chronicling the ten-year anniversary of the Fidelity Homes “From The Ground Up” project simply looks at friendship.

Before they were business partners, David Hunihan and Todd Menke were business associates in a hierarchical relationship at another homebuilding company; before they were business associates, David and Todd were friends. Married within two years of each other, the friendship extends to their wives Lauren (David) and Kellie (Todd).

More than friends, David and Todd see the important aspects of life through the same spiritual lens, as brothers in Christ.

In the initial article in the “From The Ground Up” series in Professional Builder, much was made of the shared dreams, the shared values, mission, and goals, of the two friends-turned-partners in the formation of Fidelity. So – what happens when the music dies? What happens to the friendship when the shared dreams, vision, and mission don’t pan-out?

Clearly, friendships – both real and supposed – do founder on adversity. There are no deeper wounds than the ones inflicted by the people we most trust; there is no deeper disappointment. However, by both of their accounts, that is not the case with David and Todd. As I said in the first “Escape from Averageness” post on the ten-year anniversary of Fidelity, David and Todd started as close friends, they parted as close friends, and they remain close friends.

Despite the pressure. Despite the undesirable outcome. Despite the shared disappointment in that outcome. Despite what are likely dissimilar consequences.

“For me, looking back, the period that I worked with my best friend were some of the most enjoyable times that I ever had in my career”, Todd said. “We were learning together at the same time as we were doing it. We did have our hurdles and there were times after 9/11 that I didn’t know how we would make it, but when one of us was down, the other one was there to pull us back up.

“David and I still talk and see each other regularly, not as much as we both would like, but our paths have followed different directions. He is still one of my best friends in the world and I know he will always be there for me when I need him. It’s nice to have that kind of friend in life. From our spiritual paths as Christians to raising kids and running businesses, we can talk about anything and everything when we get together.”

“In my heart, he will forever be an integral part of the company and its vision and any success it had”, said David. “I miss Todd.

“Lately, especially. I remember our times together at the company where we worked before, and then at Fidelity. Although Todd was only at Fidelity for a portion of the time that I was, he was still such a big part of it. I still think of him as my partner for all of it. He really is a great friend. I thank the Lord our friendship continues as strong as it is, even if we don’t get to see each other as much.”

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