Pipeline Games: FastTrack Learning

Pipeline workshops™ are intense, interactive, size-restricted immersions into the principles and disciplines of homebuilding production, the most compelling aspect of which are the Pipeline games™, in which teams of geographically-diverse builders go through a progression of production scenarios that measure key operating performance metrics and economic outcomes.

Pipeline games™ are both a production simulator and a business game.

Pipeline games™ reinforce the production principles taught in the workshop;  with multiple teams of builders playing each game with the same rules and understanding, the results don’t lie.

Here are the results from games played at the just-concluded workshop.  Until you have played the game, you won’t understand some of the metrics;  nevertheless, focus on the performance trends (y-axis) as the games in this workshop progressed (x-axis):

Revenue . . .

Revenue (capture)

Inventory Turn . . .

Inv Turn (capture)

Cycle Time . . .

Cycle Time (capture)

Net Income . . .

Net Income (capture)

Net Income Margin . . .

NI Margin (capture)

Return on Assets . . .

ROA (capture)

In nearly every category – Revenue, Inventory Turn, Cycle Time, Net Income Margin, Return on Assets – the teams made remarkable progress, often exceeding expectations.  Interestingly, this was the first workshop in which we have used a series of games that builders conceded should have produced the same results throughout the series, enhancing the comparison of a progression of production approaches and techniques.

After purposely imposing the initial shock of shattered instincts resulting from unexpectedly low outcomes, every operating and business metric was in precisely the direction you would expect, when production principles are true.

That is the type of learning that occurs in a Pipeline workshop™.

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