Pipeline Workshop™ No. 15: COVID-19 has become a bit tedious.

In the spring of 2020, at the outbreak of this global pandemic, we made the rational, reasonable decision to cancel Pipeline Workshop™ No. 13;  at the time, no one knew what to expect or how to deal with the disease;  more importantly, our long-standing venue, the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, was being forced to temporarily shut down anyway.


In the fall of 2020, when Pipeline Workshop™ No. 14 turned out to be a resounding, resurgent success, we presumed that it marked a return to business-as-usual for arranging and facilitating what is, by its nature and design, the most intense, demanding, interactive, and challenging homebuilding production management learning experience on the planet.

Apparently not.

We have cancelled Pipeline Workshop™ No. 15, scheduled for March 17-18, 2021, because under COVID rules and behaviors, we have not been able to form enough teams to produce the type and level of learning Pipeline workshops™ are known for delivering.  This, despite adjusting the event pricing to reflect the circumstances, and making it possible for almost everyone to attend without charge.

In the end, what we can offer in incentives and safety is not enough to offset the caution and concern this disease has created, and continues to maintain, about travel and public gatherings.

We will move registered attendees to Pipeline Workshop™ No. 16, which is already scheduled for October 14-15, 2021, at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, and we will provide the same pricing they had for Pipeline Workshop™ No. 15.

Despite the circumstances, Pipeline workshops™ have been one of the homebuilding industry’s few public events conducted live;  Hanley Wood-BUILDER finally conducted its 2020 BUILDER 100 Summit virtually, and NAHB conducted the International Builders Show virtually.  Yes, during this pandemic, we have conducted live private Pipeline workshops™ for builders large enough to have the event in-house, but those are not public events.

A virtual approach is not feasible for an interactive, team-based event like a Pipeline workshop™, which stands in sharp contrast to almost any other conference.  With the benefit of the technology available today, conventional conferences can be conducted virtually as a series of presentations or lectures, even involving a virtual panel, even involving limited Q&A.

Pipeline workshops™ are more like the situation facing a consultant that has to help a client extract and process information and thought, especially when it involves a cross-functional team dealing with complex, cause-and-effect issues.

It can’t be done.

We want to thank the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club for understanding the situation and continuing their support of this series of workshops.  We want to thank our registered attendees that will now need to adjust their schedules to attend the next workshop.

The Pipeline Experience® moves forward.

See you in October.