Pipeline Workshop™ No. 17: Observations from Recently-Initiated Alumni

Pipeline Workshop™ No. 17 is in the books, another very successful workshop, completed with a very engaged group of builders and sponsors in attendance.  We will offer, here, a few observations attributed to the most recent class of distinguished – now degreed – Pipeline graduates.

“I realized I know how to build a house, but I have a lot to learn about the business of homebuilding.”  (Travis Kuhlmann, Alvarez Construction)

“The Pipeline is a great class to learn the real science of homebuilding, and how it relates any business.  As a manufactured rep, this class helped increase my knowledge, while also learning how to apply it with everything I do.”  (Ruben Garcia, James Hardie)

“This workshop not only increased my understanding of the homebuilding process, but it challenged the traditional process of construction.  By questioning the status quo, Pipeline Workshops™ will influence companies to explore new ways of accelerating performance, and ultimately drive results to reach new heights.

“The workshop offers attendees a chance to think of their business in ways they likely have not before, and that’s a GREAT thing!”  (Adam King, James Hardie)

“Fletcher, first, I appreciate you and the work that you have created to help [homebuilders] and industry professionals learn the concepts you incorporate into your publications, workshops and mentorship. You make a significant impact on homebuilding!

“There is no perfect company, nor perfect process, to address the many challenges of homebuilding, but learning and implementing the approaches taught in your Pipeline Workshop™ can help advance a builder to the front of the pack, in terms of gaining operational efficiencies and impactful savings across each project.”  (Rita Martin, Epcon Franchising)

“Being an Area Manager spending most of my time in the field, I don’t get involved in the business side of our company very often, so the business case exercises were very helpful and enlightening.”  (Michael Smith, Alvarez Construction)

“The Pipeline workshop™ is a great way to get your team on a good path to have your business be targeted, profitable, and forecastable.”  (Cody Miller, Charis Homes)


Future opportunities for higher education . . .

The next Pipeline workshop™ will be held October 12-13, 2022, at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.  Attendance is limited to only 30 attendees.  Early registration will open in early July, when pricing will also be announced.  For team pricing, inquire here (flgroves@saiconsulting.com).

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