Pipeline Workshop™ No. 17: Observations from Recently-Initiated Alumni

Pipeline Workshop™ No. 16 is in the books, completed successfully despite the continuing challenge of holding live events under COVID-19 restrictions and concerns.  We will offer, here, a few observations from the most recent class of distinguished graduates.

“The ‘Tar Pits of Averageness’ [metaphor] just spoke to me in a way that caused me to think completely outside the box.”  (Russ Armstrong, Brown Haven Homes)

“This conference is amazing.  It is very in depth and fun, make sure to read the case study prior to arrival.  This conference is very interactive and fun and you will learn a lot, but you need to prepare.”  (Allen Dickey, Brown Haven Homes)

“The Pipeline Workshop™ provided the clearest picture to see the benefits of even-flow construction.  You [were able] to participant in various different exercises, each under different controls, showing the benefit of controlling work-in-process and identifying the constraints to overcome!”  (Eric Anderson, Alvarez Construction)

“You really see the financial impact of carrying too much WIP playing the Pipeline game™.  It was fun and challenging.  I couldn’t wait to get back to work and identify the changes we could implement.  (Dina Andrews, Colen Built Development)

“The best part and the best thing I can take away from the training is concepts I can relay to my team.  I think the topics discussed will be useful to develop [even-flow] processes.”  (Keith Nugent, Alvarez Construction)

“The [Pipeline Workshop™] takes a complex problem set and simplifies it through a hands-on experience.  Getting to see the decisions you make play-out in front of you is invaluable to opening your mind up to a new way of managing the pipeline.”  (Kevin Jewel, Jr., French Brothers Homes)

“If you want to truly understand the impact of cycle time and work-in-process on your company’s success and desire to gain competitive market advantage, the Pipeline Workshop™ is a mandatory training.”  (Allen Grinalds, Ivey Group)

“Once you understand the pipeline, you’ll understand your business!”  (Brian Littlejohn, French Brothers Homes)


Future learning opportunities . . .

The next Pipeline workshop™ will be held March 23-24, 2022, at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.  Attendance is limited to only 30 attendees.  The cost is $945.00 per person;  the cost during early registration, open through January 14, 2022, is $795.00.  For team pricing, inquire here (flgroves@saiconsulting.com).

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