Pipeline Workshop™ No. 17: Save the Date

Pipeline Workshop™ No. 17 will be held March 23-24, 2022, at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

Welcome to the most intense, demanding, interactive, and challenging production management learning experience on the homebuilding planet.

“This is my second attendance to the Pipeline Workshops™.  All I can simply say is WOW!  Fletcher and his team strive to improve the workshops and make [them] even more relevant.  I especially enjoyed playing the Pipeline Game™ again and learning about [the] Velocity Accelerators®.  I look forward to attending in the future!”  (Carlos Alvarez, President, Alvarez Homes, Baton Rouge, LA)

“The Pipeline workshop™ was really effective in showing how operational decisions affect business outcomes and how risky a ‘more for more’ approach to growing a home building company really is.  The Pipeline games™ were not only fun, but they were super-effective in showing how unbalancing the production system, managing the constraint resource, and managing the right amount of WIP, creates predictable operational results and maximizes financial outcomes.

“At the end of the day, running a successful business is about how much money you make on the amount of money you invest.  The Pipeline workshop™ helped me understand this better than any workshop or seminar I’ve ever attended.

“I highly recommend it.”  (Charles Roberts, VP – Operations, Providence Homes, Jacksonville, Florida)

“The Pipeline Workshop™ completely changed my approach to meeting my company’s productivity and profitability goals.  I came away with several actionable items that I was able to implement right away.  Any homebuilder with an open mind, who is willing to challenge the traditional ways of thinking that our industry has grown comfortable with, will benefit greatly by attending.”   (Ryan Band, Owner, Unbridled Homes, Louisville, KY)

“The [Pipeline Workshop™] takes a complex problem set and simplifies it through a hands-on experience.  Getting to see the decisions you make play-out in front of you is invaluable to opening your mind up to a new way of managing the pipeline.”  (Kevin Jewel, Jr., Chief Operations Officer, French Brothers Homes)

“If you want to truly understand the impact of cycle time and work-in-process on your company’s success and desire to gain competitive market advantage, the Pipeline Workshop™ is a mandatory training.”  (Allen Grinalds, Operations Director, Ivey Group)


Pipeline workshops™ are now in their ninth consecutive year, and we have worked relentlessly to enhance and improve it.  Over the years, we have:

(1) improved the best production simulator and business game in the industry (the Pipeline Game™), made it faster to play, easier to understand;

(2) introduced an operating statement format to the game that mirrors the particular characteristics of homebuilding operations;

(3) found ways to transfer the learning faster, to make the connection between operating decisions and business outcomes clearer, quicker, more direct;

(4) started to examine areas of disruptive innovation (for example, outsourced building models that become integrated building models);

(5) introduced an MBA-level business case (RB Builders: Lessons from the Pipeline©);

(6) emphasized important and emerging areas we call Velocity Accelerators®.

Pipeline workshops™ are unique;  they are utterly unlike any other homebuilding conference.  The learning split is 70% simulation/business case, 30% lecture;  the format is intense, interactive, and competitive;  the Pipeline game™ production simulations and the RB Builders: Lessons from the Pipeline© business case rigorously test attendees’ true understanding of production management principles and disciplines, and challenge their ability to solve production problems.

Pipeline workshops™ build an intuitive, instinctive understanding of production principles and disciplines;  they draw the subtle-yet-crucial distinction between being in the homebuilding business, and simply being in the business of building homes.

Our venue, the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, is a renown AAA Five Diamond oceanfront golf and tennis resort established in 1928;  we provide a relaxing and enjoyable reception on the Historic Inn’s putting green at the end of the first day;  we offer recommendations on outstanding local dining;  there are abundant opportunities for networking.

Creating a visual image of homebuilding production.  Establishing the connection between operating decisions and business outcomes.  Building a new way of thinking – systemically – towards solving core problems and managing constraints.  Managing limited capacity and resources, doing more without more, ideally doing more with less.  Dealing with variation.  Managing homebuilding production as the type of workflow that it really is – multi-project management with surrounding, supporting, and embedded-processes.  Placing the emphasis on actions that increase velocity.

The fundamental proposition of a Pipeline workshop™ is this:  the key to creating sustainable competitive separation is being able to thrive on the velocity side of economic return – being able to thrive on the velocity side of Return on Assets.

Registration for Pipeline Workshop™ No. 17 opens December 13, 2021.  The attendance fee is $945.00.

Sponsored by Simpson Strong-Tie.

Come.  Participate.  Learn.


Here is the permanent link to the workshop website:  www.buildervelocity.com

The link provides information about the workshop, reviews from builders who have attended previous workshops, and a downloadable Adobe PDF file with detailed information about the venue, agenda, and schedule that can be shared.  When early registration opens, all of the information, including the agenda and schedule, will be updated, along with the event registration and hotel reservation links.

The full attendance fee is $945.00;  the early registration attendance fee (open December 13, 2021 through January 14, 2022) is $795.00;  for team pricing:  (flgroves@saiconsulting.com).