Pipeline Workshop™ No. 7: Save the Date

Pipeline Workshop™ No. 7 will be held April 5-6, 2017, at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.  The latest in the series of production management workshops in the open, sponsored Pipeline channel, it is sponsored, once again, by BUILDER and BuilderMT.

3-Ponte Vedra Inn & Club

“The Pipeline workshop™ was really effective in showing how operational decisions affect business outcomes and how risky a ‘more for more’ approach to growing a home building company really is.  The Pipeline games™ were not only fun, but they were super-effective in showing how unbalancing the production system, managing the constraint resource, and managing the right amount of WIP, creates predictable operational results and maximizes financial outcomes.

“This workshop was really eye opening!”  (Charles Roberts, Vice President of Operations, Providence Homes, Jacksonville, Florida)

Welcome to the most intense, demanding, interactive, challenging homebuilding production management learning experience on the planet.

It just keeps getting better.

In recent workshops, we lengthened the schedule, enabling us to do more with the deeper-dive velocity accelerators;  for Pipeline Workshop™ No. 7, the three velocity accelerators are Business Process Improvement, Epic Partnering™, and Critical Chain Project Management – a good mix of immediately available velocity acceleration, currently possible velocity acceleration, and the future of velocity acceleration.

We continue to refine the scenarios in the production simulator and business game known as the Pipeline game™.  Over the course of all the Pipeline workshops™, we have:  (1) made the game shorter and faster;  (2) switched to an operating statement format that mirrors the specific attributes of a homebuilding operation;  (3) found ways to transfer the learning and knowledge with fewer games.

Pipeline workshops™ are unlike any other homebuilding conference.

The learning split is 70/30, simulation/business case to lecture;  the format is intense, interactive and competitive;  the Pipeline game™ production simulations and the RB Builders: Lessons from the Pipeline© business case test attendees’ understanding of production management and challenge their ability to solve production problems.

Pipeline workshops™ build an intuitive, instinctive understanding of production principles and disciplines, and they draw the oft-too-subtle – yet crucial – distinction between being in the homebuilding business, and being in the business of building homes.

And – we make it all incredibly fun:  the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club is a terrific AAA Five Diamond oceanfront resort venue;  there is a great reception at the end of the first day;  recommendations on outstanding local dining;  plenty of opportunity for networking.

Creating a visual image of homebuilding production;  establishing the connection between operating decisions and business outcomes;  building a new way of thinking systemically towards solving core problems and managing constraints;  managing limited capacity and resources, doing more with less;  dealing with variation;  managing homebuilding production as the multi-project type of workflow that it truly is;  and placing the emphasis on the actions that accelerate velocity.

The fundamental proposition of a Pipeline workshop™ is that thriving on the velocity side of economic return – thriving on the velocity side of Return on Assets – is the best way to create sustainable competitive separation.

Registration for Pipeline Workshop™ No. 7 opens December 12, 2016.

Come.  Participate.  Learn.


In advance, here is the link to the website:  http://buildervelocity.com/  When registration opens, so will the event registration and hotel reservation links.  The site also provides information about the workshop, provides reviews from builders who have attended previous workshops, and provides a downloadable Adobe PDF file with detailed information about the venue, agenda, and schedule.

The cost is $875.00 per person;  early registration (opens December 12, 2016 and runs through January 9, 2017) is $745.00.

Sponsored by BUILDER and BuilderMT.