Pipeline Workshops™: Disruptive Learning

“The concept of production building being a ‘pipeline’, along with the simple and straight-forward concepts discussed in this seminar, made this one of the most eye-opening experiences I have ever had when it comes to learning about production building.”  (Patrick Bukszar, Dir. Construction Services, Essex Homes, Lexington, SC)

“The Pipeline workshop™ was an eye opening experience.  I took away invaluable insight on what it takes to operate a profitable homebuilding company.”   (Daniel Hopkins, Director of Purchasing/Estimating, Jeff Benton Homes, Huntsville, AL)

“It was quite intense, challenging, and not for the intellectually lazy”. (Scott Sedam, President, TrueNorth Development, South Lyon, MI)


In relentlessly improving the Pipeline workshop™, our intent – simply and plainly – is to open the eyes of attendees ever-wider, and make the learning as disruptive as possible to conventional, long-accepted ways of thinking.


> Pipeline games™ are a production simulator and a business game;  they are what make Pipeline workshops™ so intense, so interactive, so competitive, and so worthwhile.  Already the best sim in the business, we have made the Pipeline game™ even better over the years, by shortening its duration and making the operating statement look exactly like a homebuilding operation.

> Lessons from the Pipeline© is the business case that we use;  it presents a set of problems dealing with a very realistic homebuilding operation that attendees are required to solve;  it is a test that challenges their knowledge and understanding of production principles.

The use of Pipeline games™ and the Lessons from the Pipeline© business case means that a Pipeline workshop™ – already known for its unique, engaging format – is now even edgier in that regard, because that is where almost all of the learning occurs.

Pipeline workshops™:  creating a visual image of homebuilding production;  making the connection between operating decisions and business outcomes;  building a new way of thinking systemically – building a paradigm shift – towards solving core problems, managing limited capacity, dealing with variation, managing homebuilding production as the type of workflow that it truly is;  emphasizing the actions that accelerate velocity.

Come.  Participate.  Learn.


The next Pipeline workshop™ is at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, on March 16-17, 2016.  Cost is $850.00.

Clark Ellis and Brandon Hart of Continuum Advisory Group continue in their presentation and facilitation roles, adding heft and extending the legacy of FMI Corporation in the residential construction vertical space.

Sponsored by BUILDER and BuilderMT.

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