Pipeline Workshops: Disruptive Learning

Our goal is to continuously improve the Pipeline workshop™ experience.

The Pipeline game™ – which is both a production simulator and a business game, and what makes Pipeline workshops™ so intense, so interactive, so competitive, and so worthwhile – was already the best in the business;  this past year, we made it better, by shortening the duration and making the operating statement exactly like a homebuilding operation.  Every operating decision is now more consequential, the results now easier to comprehend.

For 2015, we have added some notable presentation resources:  bringing facilitation heft will be Clark Ellis and Brandon Hart of Continuum Advisory Group;  CAG extends the legacy of FMI Corporation in the residential construction vertical space.

Already known for its unique engagement format, a Pipeline workshop™ is now even edgier in that regard;  almost all of the learning now occurs in production simulations and in business cases that mirror homebuilding operations.  Attendees are required to solve problems that challenge their knowledge and understanding of production principles. They are decidedly disruptive to conventional, long-accepted ways of thinking;  Scott Sedam has described a Pipeline workshop™ as “intense, challenging, and not for the intellectually lazy”.

Creating a visual image of homebuilding production.  Making the connection between operating decisions and business outcomes.  Building a new way of thinking systemically – building a paradigm shift – towards solving core problems, managing limited capacity, dealing with variation, managing homebuilding production as the type of workflow that it truly is.  Placing an emphasis on the actions that accelerate velocity.

Join us.


The next Pipeline workshop™ will be held at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, on March 11-12, 2015.  Cost is $795.00.  Early registration, open through January 31, 2015, is $645.00.

Delivered by SAI Consulting.  Sponsored by Big Builder (Hanley Wood) and Continuum Advisory Group.

For more details:  www.buildervelocity.com