Pipeline Workshops™: Verbatim: A Few More Comments from Builders and Industry Leaders

Pipeline workshops™ are now concluding their eighth consecutive year as the most intense, competitive, interactive, demanding, and challenging homebuilding production management learning experience on the planet.

Here, in their own words, just a few more comments from builders and industry experts who have attended one or more of them.

“The Pipeline Workshop™ is one of the best illustrators of combining the business operating performance measures with the reality of the construction world.”  (Dennis Shriver, President. Hearthside Homes, Kansas City, MO)

“I would recommend the Pipeline workshop™ to any production builder wanting to gain a better understanding about their company’s own “pipeline”.  It will help you understand the effects of how/how much/when/what rate you feed work to your construction people.  Understanding what our cycle time truly is helped us to focus on improvements needed to our starts system and removing constraints from our pipeline.  The learning tools used are practical, visual and effective in making the principals clear.”  (Bob Anderson, Vice President – Operations (retired), Stylecraft Builders, College Station, TX)

“The Pipeline Workshop™ was an excellent way of teaching and illustrating the benefits of reducing cycle time and work in progress, so that we ultimately increase our Net Income and Return on Assets.  This process has us abandon our practice of trades multi-tasking our jobs, giving our trades maximum days to finish a job, and constantly [updating] our cycle time.  By managing to the completion date with a buffer, we have a greater chance of reducing cycle time.  With this new process, we will need to be prepared to have trades jump to our jobs when they are ready for the next resource.  Ultimately, the future of homebuilding will include focusing on controlling [inventory], lowering cycle time, and managing to the completion date.”  (Lise Anzelone, Regional Director of Sales, HHHunt Homes, Blacksburg, VA)

“Attending the Pipeline Workshop™ . . . thoroughly enhanced my perception of how [work-in-process and cycle time] can affect a production builder.  Using the Pipeline game™ to shift the mentality, [from] pushing homes into production to pulling them through the pipeline, was fun and eye-opening.”  (Josh Hoot, Kolter Homes, Sarasota, FL)

“While knowing the homebuilding industry is slower to adopt and grasp the usefulness of technology and integrated systems management, the Pipeline Workshop™ really helped me to understand on a deeper level HOW the right management applications and a truly collaborative system across the entire supply chain, along with internal departmental transparency, saves gross amounts of overhead and truly addresses [and] solves the gaps that manual ‘old school’ processes simply cannot.  As well, working through the Pipeline games™ gave me a real picture of how variability and constraints, when acknowledged, managed, and leveraged, while counterintuitive, actually gives homebuilders a means to optimize their organizations.”  (Crystal Wolverton, Director of Community Engagement and Business Development, CA Human Services, formerly Business Development, Hyphen Solutions, Addison, TX)

“You think you have a good handle on the overall flow of your homebuilding operation, until you have your eyes opened by the instant result of changing workflow.  Realizing what happens to your cash flow and profit margin when optimizing productivity.  What a great tool!”  (Mark Johns, President and Co-Founder, Bridgemark Luxury Homes, formerly Vice President – Purchasing, CalAtlantic Homes, Jacksonville, FL)

“The Pipeline Game™ is a great tool requiring the players to put into practice the principles taught in the workshop.  It’s a hands-on exercise that requires you to think, consider, and review the results of Critical Path versus Critical Chain.”  (Lisa Ramsey, Independent Consultant, Mark Systems, Mt. Holly, NJ)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.  It awakened concepts that have been dormant in my brain since I left manufacturing 15 years ago.  I’m very excited that our team has embraced “Pipeline” with so much energy.  I truly believe it will separate us from our competition and provide a roadmap for sustainable success.”  (Rob Boyer, Division Manager, Logan Homes, Belville, NC)

“The Velocity Accelerators presented in the Pipeline workshop™ are something I can take back and implement immediately.  Digging deep into these strategies with a room full of peers from multiple builders and specialty areas helped me to see the parallels we all experience in our day-to-day, and to come up with some tangible focus points that we can use to improve current and future operations within our own teams and across our business to truly give us a competitive advantage.”  (Susan Williams, H1 Director of Sales, HHHunt Homes, Blacksburg, VA)

“[The Pipeline game™ was] fantastic.  A force multiplier to the seminar.”  (Todd Schunk, Construction Manager, CalAtlantic Homes, Jacksonville, FL)

“This workshop is a must for any construction business desiring to be more efficient and effective.  The practical applications are easily understood and implementable at any level of production.  Great tool for any team.”  (Jason Reynolds, Production Manager, Arbor Builders, Bend, OR)

“If you are a home builder looking to streamline……this seminar will give you all the tools to do so.  You will be challenged to think about how to overcome your production constraints and forced to think about what’s causing them.”  (PJ Kelly, Sales Manager, Logan Homes, Belville, NC)

“I found the Pipeline workshop™ eye-opening to concepts of homebuilding management that no one else is talking about.  Any homebuilding operation that is able to use these strategies will no doubt be more profitable and less chaotic.”  (Charlie Barber, Purchasing Manager, Essex Homes (now a part of Stanley Martin Communities), Lexington, SC)

“[the] Pipeline Game™ truly connected the dots.  A remarkably creative tool.”  (David Nielsen, Division President, Cole West Homes, Washington, UT)

“Great workshop!  It forces you to think about the business side of homebuilding.  Too often, we get stuck in the details of each home and miss opportunities to improve the overall bottom line.”  (Brett Smith, Vice President – Operations, Hearthside Homes, Kansas City, MO)

“This is my second attendance to the Pipeline Workshops™.  All I can simply say is WOW!  Fletcher and his team strive to improve the workshops and make [them] even more relevant.  I especially enjoyed playing the Pipeline Game™ again, and learning about [the] Velocity Accelerators®.  I look forward to attending in the future!”  (Carlos Alvarez, President, Alvarez Homes, Baton Rouge, LA)

“Very beneficial information to help us bring back concepts to our business that help spur maximum efficiency and profitability.  The beneficial concepts mixed with an interactive learning environment create a great experience that is well-worth the investment.”  (Patrick McNair, Senior Financial Analyst, Essex Homes (now a part of Stanley Martin Communities), Lexington, SC)

“This educational experience was extremely beneficial.  I feel that I have a much better understanding as to how WIP and cycle time can impact our company.  This knowledge and understanding will be extremely beneficial when explaining to our production crew and contractors the importance of reducing cycle time.  Thank you all again for everything!”  (Justin Cullivan, H1 Area Builder Manager, HHHunt Homes, Blacksburg, VA)

Come.  Participate.  Learn.


The next Pipeline workshop™ will be held October 14-15, 2021, at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.  Attendance is limited to 30 attendees.  The cost is $895.00 per person;  the cost during early registration, open through August 20, 2021, is $750.00.  For team pricing, inquire here (flgroves@saiconsulting.com).

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