Pipeline Workshops™: We Have A Deal For You

The next open, sponsored Pipeline workshop™ (Pipeline Workshop™ No. 7) is April 5-6, 2017, at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.

This is also the seventh Pipeline workshop™ or seminar™ we will have done in the past 18 months, more than twice the pace we started out doing;  looking at the schedule, we think it is a pace that will continue, if not accelerate.

We think that’s happening, in part, because Pipeline workshops™ are the most intense, competitive, demanding, interactive, and challenging homebuilding production management learning experience on the planet.

It is a complete explanation of the system of homebuilding production.  It has its own production simulator, that is also a business game.  It has its own business case study.

The open, sponsored Pipeline workshops™ always attract between 15 and 25 attendees, a range we like, one we feel is close to ideal;  however, we have never achieved the self-imposed cap of 40 attendees.

As you might expect, pipeline thinkers that we are, that pattern raises some questions:  Does this represent unused capacity?  How can we do more-for-the-same?  What would the energy be like with attendance at the cap?

Let’s find out.  We have a deal for you.

For this Pipeline workshop™ only, register yourself (or an associate) at the regular fee of $875.00, give us the contact information for another associate;  that associate comes as SAI’s guest;  you save the full $875.00 on the second attendance fee.

The only requirement is that everyone stays at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club (no exceptions).  The offer starts now, and does not have an expiration date.  There are no limits on how many associates you send under this arrangement.  However, when we hit the cap, the third-party event management and payment processing site will not permit any more registrations.

Check the comments, reviews, and details in recent posts on Escape from Averageness®:  http://escape.saiconsulting.com/

Register for the workshop here:  http://buildervelocity.com/