Pipeline Workshops: What Others Are Saying

The first-ever open Pipeline workshop, sponsored by BuilderMT and Hanley Wood, was held last month, at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.  Some of the comments offered by attendees:


“The simulations were a brilliant way to demonstrate and drive home the significance of cycle time improvements and improving trade partner efficiencies on ROA and Net Income.”

— Keith Porterfield, COO, Goodall Homes, Gallatin, TN

“Pipeline workshops, through hands-on simulations and classroom instruction, provide excellent learning experiences to see WIP turns at different velocities, and the effects on Return on Assets.  The principles and disciplines, if applied in the field by you as a builder, will increase your ROA.”

— Scott Jagoe, President, Jagoe Homes, Owensboro, KY

“Last month, I participated in Fletcher Groves’ first-ever [BuilderVelocity] workshop, spending two days exploring the ins-and-outs of production, inventory, and scheduling.  It was quite intense, challenging, and not for the intellectually lazy.  We played repeated rounds of a building simulation game, and the students saw clearly that scheduling requires careful thought and planning;  otherwise, things quickly spin out of control, and chaos ensues.”

— Scott Sedam, President, TrueNorth Development, South Lyon, MI, excerpted from the April, 2014 issue of Professional Builder, “Taming the Chaos”

“The Pipeline Workshop is an extremely effective insight to production, for homebuilders of all sizes.  Whether your company builds 5, 50, 500 or 5000 units annually, you will leave this event with a deeper understanding of your company’s production capacity, and where you need to focus your attention, to perform at an optimal level.”

— Adam Roller, President/COO, IH First Coast, LLC, St. Augustine, FL;  an Inland Homes® Builder

“The Pipeline workshop quickly and clearly helped me realize our company’s mismanagement of the amount of work-in-process and job starts.  I believe our new thinking on those principles, along with the techniques we learned, will reduce our cycle times substantially.”

— Bob Anderson, Construction Manager, Stylecraft Homes, College Station, TX

“If [teammates] can utilize this information correctly and make good business decisions, owners are free to consult and finance rather than handhold.  I also thought that the interactive games really showed how everyday decisions can make-or-break your production pipeline.  If a start or a closing is delayed, the whole rhythm of the pipeline is off;  you can’t correct that disruption, since it is a function of time.  A [lost] start can never be made up.”

— Sara Flint, Controller, Homebuilder Solutions, LLC, Tampa, FL


Note:  a new condensed version of the production principles and simulations taught at Pipeline workshops will be presented in one of the breakout sessions at the Housing Leadership Summit in mid-May in Laguna Nigel, CA;  to register for HLS:  http://housingleadershipsummit.com/;  for information on future Pipeline workshops, periodically check the Pipeline workshop website:  http://buildervelocity.com/.