Specitup Becomes a Pipeline Workshop™ Sponsor

We would like to welcome Specitup as a Pipeline Workshop™ sponsor, joining our long-term sponsors BUILDER and BuilderMT, in investing in the ability of home builders to thrive on the velocity side of ROA, investing in their ability to thrive on the velocity side of economic return.

An award-winning software solution for home builders designed to get homes to market faster with accurate and profitable selling prices, Specitup is not an estimating or production program;  Specitup is a new breed of software that includes plan/options/specification management combined with comprehensive financial analysis.

Specitup is designed for any builder that wants to shorten time to market, get deeper insight into generating profits, and growing their business. 

Specitup’s capabilities are impressive:

  • Create 7,000 options in seconds
  • Spec the same plan differently by community
  • Option up plans in hours
  • Analyze competitor offerings

Here is insight from two builders using Specitup:

“If I can’t compete, Specitup has told me that ahead of time, and I wouldn’t have even bought the lot.”  (D. Logan, Owner, Logan Homes)

“With Specitup, I can add a new plan in a matter of hours.  And now, we don’t have to engage estimating until the house is actually sold.”  (Dan Kent, Owner Kent Homes)

BuilderMT and Specitup view their sponsorship of Pipeline workshops™, not as chances to hawk their software, but as opportunities to invest in the operating and business capabilities of their licensees and users.  If you are a builder licensed to use either BuilderMT or Specitup, anyone from your company attending the upcoming Pipeline Workshop™ No. 9 (February 28 – March 1, 2018, at the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida) is entitled to a scholarship covering a portion of the attendance fee.

Contact your BuilderMT or Specitup rep, and ask them about it.

To learn more about Specitup, visit specitup.net.

Details:  www.buildervelocity.com