The Buzz at the Moonlite

It’s always good to see your clients recognized for their achievements. In 1998, Jagoe Homes became SAI Consulting’s first homebuilding client. This past week, Professional Builder named Jagoe their 2010 Builder of the Year.

In times like the past four years, you look for lights that shine in the darkness, and sometimes those lights emanate from unexpected places, from relatively-unknown homebuilding companies in relatively-unknown housing markets. Everything that Patrick O’Toole writes about this company is true. Jagoe is a sophisticated, forward-thinking, get-it-done homebuilding company; its operating and economic performance belie its small market presence.

In 1998, Jagoe was one of the very first homebuilding companies to accept the fundamental business proposition that the only reason any builder is in business is to deliver the specific value demanded by its homebuyers, the only way that value is created is through the work it does, and the only way that it performs that work is through its business processes.

Jagoe has come a long way since the days when their information and scheduling system was a set of erasable status boards.

It is the buzz at the Moonlite, but, somewhere, Reuben Ocampo is kicking himself.