The Intrepid, Results-Based Consultant says "I Do"

The intrepid, results-based consultant gazed lazily at the white sand and the water beyond, and thought, it would definitely take a lot of this to kill you. She sighed contentedly, recalling the last 72 hours.

The planning had been thoroughly intense. Or, perhaps it had just been intensely thorough, she wasn’t sure. Whatever. Her wedding had come together just the way she had dreamed.

The June weather in Northeast Florida had cooperated, for the most part. The boys had enjoyed the ritual marriage event known as Wedding Party Golf. The rehearsal had been fun. The flowers had miraculously come together. The church was beautiful.

The service was reverent, and rich with meaning and promise. The music was awesome. There had been tears of laughter, tears of sentiment, and tears of complete joy. The reception had been perfect. Bob Cummings and the Reflections were everything they were expected to be.

Her sister had been a flawless Maid of Honor. Her Mom had been the model of composure, beauty, and grace. Her new in-laws had been the picture of gracious acceptance and support. Her Dad had defied all odds, by managing to hold himself together.

The intrepid, results-based consultant was undone by all that her marriage represented.

Two families joined together. Life-long friendships, some of forty-plus years, honored. Four generations of fraternity brothers, groomsmen, sorority sisters, bridesmaids, friends, and extended members of both families who had traveled thousands of miles, just to be there. A cloud of witnesses that stood – and would continue to stand, collectively and individually – with them, by them, and for them, for the rest of their lives.

There was the pang of absence for those who had gone before; the ones they always loved, still missed, and would never forgot, but whom they would one day joyfully see again.

It was the promise, challenge, and adventure of a life to be built, and a lifetime to be spent, together. Permanently. Inseparably.

For sure, there would be good times and bad times in the years to come. There would be easy times and hard times. There would be gains and losses. There would be joy and sorrow. There would laughter and tears. There would be planning; there would be spontaneous-ness. There would be children. There would be careers and career changes. There would be changes in priorities and focus. There would be memories made. There would be legacies formed.

There would be times when they knew each other’s thoughts; there would be times when they did not think they were from the same planet.

There would be mistakes. There would be grace. There would be forgiveness offered, and forgiveness accepted.

And, through it all, there would be love, honor, and respect.

The intrepid, results-based consultant turned her head to the side, pushed her sunglasses to the end of her nose, and looked at the handsome young man reclined on the beach beside her.

She smiled, and thought to herself, “My Dad would think this is “utterly cool””.

And, she would be utterly right.