The Pipeline, 2nd Edition: More of What Others Are Saying

(the second edition of The Pipeline: A Picture of Homebuilding Production© was published in January 2016)

The Pipeline 2nd Edition Book Cover (VBW)

“I would recommend The Pipeline: A Picture of Homebuilding Production© Second Edition to anyone already in, or looking to get into, the production homebuilding business.  The case study used is easy to follow and you learn through real life examples.  As a company, we learned a lot through the book that we were able to put into action.  For example, after reading the book we immediately started to even flow our jobs starts.  I always understood the concept of a pipeline, but the book helped me to see how it all worked together…and how what we were doing was hurting more than helping the problem.”  (Doug French, CEO, Stylecraft Builders, College Station, TX)


“When I found out a second edition of The Pipeline: A Picture of Homebuilding Production© came out with additional content, I was excited to get my hands on it.  I was not disappointed.

“Fletcher manages to turn a potentially dry topic into a very entertaining and insightful read and learning experience.  The examples used are easy to follow, and are the best way to explain the principles of production homebuilding that I’ve come across.  The book opened my eyes to the seemingly obvious mistakes homebuilders often make in terms of managing their portfolio of work in progress, both on the physical side as well as the financial side.

“The new content regarding vertical integration with labor providers was a fresh perspective and a new way of thinking about the benefits of this business option.”  (Dennis Shriver, Vice President/Owner, Hearthside Homes of Kansas City, Kansas City, MO)


“I again salute my colleague and good friend of so many years, Fletcher Groves III, on a noteworthy achievement with the second edition of The Pipeline: A Picture of Homebuilding Production©.  A useful industry textbook has now become an indispensable guide to organizing the universe of important operational and financial considerations that bear on the business of homebuilding.

“Fletcher has added an important section to this landmark opus, to extend an invaluable guide for naming, assembling and measuring economically the constituent parts to the system of homebuilding.

“The innovative first edition of the book used the Pipeline game™ to simulate the complex environment of the business of homebuilding.  The game prompts interactions and insights among the actors in a homebuilding team, and serves to illuminate how to optimize a business set within defined constraints while teaching a vocabulary of relevant quality principles and measurements that should govern all homebuilding manufacturing.

“The second edition further refines components of the game, resources, operation expenses and the income statement, to reflect more closely the real world of homebuilding operations.

“My reading of the first edition of The Pipeline: A Picture of Homebuilding Production© resulted in the conclusion that the book should be used as a textbook, if not a workbook, for all principals in the homebuilding business.  Looking again, and in particular at the addition of the ‘extended’ game, I have now come to think that any homebuilding company owner or CEO who does not adopt and internalize what The Pipeline: A Picture of Homebuilding Production© has to offer is putting at risk ROI, if not his company.

“For an internal homebuilding team, I believe that it should use the book in the same manner as a flight simulator is used in aviation, with annual trips to the ‘box’ as a team, and as the cornerstone of a continuous improvement effort that will generate quality and revenue.”  (Kent Steen, Vice President – Marketing/Sales, Bitrage NOVIS Corporation)


The Pipeline: A Picture of Homebuilding Production tells the story of how RB Builders learned the principles of homebuilding production in the turbulent years following the end of the period known as the “Age of Homebuilder Entitlement”.  It is a story told in the exchanges of dialog between team members, senior management, and RB Builders’ trusted, results-based advisor/partner.

The result is a deep understanding of a production system with an enduring visual image, the elements of which are crafted to the specific conditions, requirements, and parameters of the homebuilding industry, and a realization that improving performance on the velocity side of the ROA equation is the best path a homebuilder has to achieving sustainable competitive separation.

The Pipeline is about the specific application of underlying principles and disciplines of production that are universal – physics rooted in the laws that govern all production systems.  The book is about using the tools that work for homebuilding production, without regard to the consulting religion from which they come.

The Pipeline makes the connection between operating performance and business outcomes.

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