Pipeline Workshops: Sponsorship Opportunities

The Pipeline: A Picture of Homebuilding Production was written from the perspective of SAI’s private client consulting work in the homebuilding industry, including a set of highly-regarded workshops on production management.

SAI is considering the possibility of providing the learning contained in those private client workshops on a more open basis;  workshops with a narrow scope, limited size, promotionally low-key, offered to a targeted executive leadership audience.

In order to make the attendee cost attractive, and also expand the network of shared influence and affiliation, we would prefer to arrange these workshops as sponsored events.

We are content and delivery experts, but we have never arranged sponsors for our events.  Which means, we need help.  So – we are reaching out to sponsorship sources and sponsored event expertise.  The sponsors we seek would be enterprises connected operationally to the industry, with significant networks of customers/clients that are homebuilding companies.

Pipeline workshops are designed to transfer an in-depth knowledge, and an intuitive, instinctive understanding, of production principles and disciplines focused on homebuilding production management.  They are not a lecture series.  The material is comprehensive, the learning is intense, and the format is interactive and competitive.  Pipeline workshops are an immersion in the production physics – the principles and disciplines – that apply to homebuilding production.  Learning is anchored on a series of business games that simulate the production management decision-making that must occur in the variable and uncertain conditions facing every homebuilding production system, and connect the outcome of those decisions to the critical measures of operating performance and economic return.

The objective of these workshops is to transform the mindset of the homebuilding industry on the value and necessity – on the importance – of focusing as intensely on the velocity side of Return on Assets as the margin side of ROA.

While we would be happy to arrange and site workshops to meet specific sponsor requirements, these workshops are expected to be held where SAI is headquartered, in Ponte Vedra Beach on northeast Florida’s beautiful Atlantic coast, where our conference facility-of-choice is usually the Ponte Vedra Inn and Club, a five-star oceanfront golf, tennis, and beach resort.

There will be more information about Pipeline workshops on www.saiconsulting.com later this month.

Anyone interested in discussing this opportunity can contact me:

Fletcher L. Groves, III

Vice President

SAI Consulting, Inc.


(904) 273-9840 (office)

flgroves@saiconsulting.com (e-mail)